Why Obedience is so Important

At Strong Mind K9 LLC, we offer on and off leash obedience right here in the low country. Obedience is our main focus for many reasons when it comes to training your pet. It is the foundation for all kinds of scenarios, ranging from training a dog in becoming a service animal to solving simple household problems. Regardless of the targeted skill set you want for your dog, obedience gives our four legged friends a job, teaches them boundaries, and gives them independence, which, in all, creates a happier companion. Here are...

How to Clearly Communicate with your Dog

We all want to communicate with our dog appropriately, fairly, and most importantly, clearly! Does your dog listen after the third time you ask him/her to do something? Maybe your dog doesn't listen at all. You could be having a hard time potty training because your dog doesn't understand where to go. We believe that all dogs can be trained and that all dogs want to be "Good Dogs"; they just need to be shown how. With proper training that...